Shortage of Remdesivir injection creates panic

Nagpur | Thursday | 8th April, 2021


Shortage of Remdesivir injection creates panicStaff Reporter :A sudden shortage of life saving Remdesivir injection in local market along with its rampant over charging has miffed the citizens and health sector alike. Hence at present FDA is seeing to it that whatever the supply of Remdesivir the same is distributed across the city. The shelf life of Remdesivir injection is between three to six months and hence companies could not anticipate and ramp up production to stock up the injections unlike other medicine. The main objection of chemists is that Collector by knocking out chemists outside hospital set-up from sale of Remdesivir is limiting the competition. In market chemists say they charge between 15 to 20 per cent on supply price from customer for Remdesivir..