Eight arrested for violation of guideline, bail obtained from police station

Ranchi | Tuesday | 4th May, 2021


Jagran Correspondent Pakur Health Safety Week Deputy Commissioner Kuldeep Chaudh for successful implementation. 


For the successful implementation of Health Safety Week, Deputy Commissioner Kuldeep Chaudhary, Superintendent of Police Manilal Mandal conducted an investigation operation late Monday evening in Ishakpur, Ilami, Nawada Chowk and Mysticpur villages.

During this time, people who came on the streets asked the proper reason for getting out of the house.

The challan was also deducted for unnecessarily rotating and sitting on two people in the bike.

The officer, Alok Varan Keshari, filed a case at the Mufassil police station against eight people who did not follow the government guidelines.

Due to the bail clause, all were granted bail from the police station after conducting a corona investigation.

Station in-charge Dilip Kumar Mallik said that to ensure compliance with the rules of Health Safety Week, a campaign was conducted in Ishakpur, Ilami, Nawada Chowk and Sakshpur.

Many people were unnecessarily seen walking outside the house.