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Maruti Suzuki Chief Mentor Saqlain Siddiqui shares career tips for students


Having doubts, as to what a company looks for when hiring freshers from the college or how to get a job in engineering? Well, know the tips from Maruti Suzuki Chief Mentor Saqlain Siddiqui on Chai pe chit chat with Dost Coach Rajiv Khurana.

Having done their engineering, students want to be associated with a good company where they have their futures secured. Without any doubts, Maruti Suzuki is a pioneer name in the industry. In an exclusive conversation, Maruti Suzuki Chief Mentor Saqlain Siddiqui Dost Coach Rajiv Khurana gets you insights of the company, how they drive placements and what they look for when hiring.

Siddiqui shares that from past 35 years, Maruti has been focusing primarily on in-house talent, therefore 400-450 individuals of diploma engineers, graduate engineers. He shares that there are 17 equity partners with Maruti and jointly in a year on an average more than 12 thousand people join in Maruti.

He says it is generally seen that when people join in and spend substantial 3-4 years they stay with the company. Also, the colleges are selected through structured professional policy for placements drives. In general terms, they prefer engineering colleges with government reputation. Each year these colleges are reviewed, and the students who could easily Maruti culture and emerge out to be dependable, they reconsider them often. Additionally, they also try and test new colleges as well.

As professional they understand that students who are there without any prior experience need training and catering that they provide a yearlong training program to the individual. Mr. Siddiqui also shares invaluable career tips for students seeking jobs.

·         You have to tone down the thinking that life changes as you move from college to the industry.

·         There’s tremendous demand for flexibility and adaptability.

·         Industry looks for team players and allrounders. You cannot be professional biased to a field.

Flexibility, adaptability, learn ability and your ambition matter the most when it comes to firm your grounds in a company.


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