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Tata Motors HR on Chai Pe Chit-Chat with Dost Coach

Tata Motors HR on Chai Pe Chit-Chat with Dost Coach


We all wonder what parameters recruiters look for when hiring fresh talents. In an exclusive conversation with TATA Motors chief HR officer, your Dost Coach Rajeev Khaurna brings you industry insights and key things you need to pay attention to during your placement.

As we reach the final semester of our courses, we are daunted with the term ‘placements, we keep looking for expert advice, search the websites and so on. To resolve your queries, NYOOOZ Dost Coach Rajeev Khurana is here with TATA Motors’ chief HR officer G. P. S. Chandel on Chai Pe Chit-Chat. Know directly from the hiring authority what they look for when hiring candidates from various organizations.

Q1. How many entry level professionals and from what education background are recruited in TATA Motors?

Every year our company recruits 400-500 fresh graduates, and during the course when the industry was evolving the number was more than this. Between July and September, we go to many colleges and hire students from various fields like Engineers, Management, Designing like industrial and product design, fresh CA, HR professionals. So, we take a mix of all these streams from different colleges.

Q2. Our readers, who are here who belong to the same fields you mentioned, what qualities should they possess to station themselves at TATA Motors?

We look at two major perspectives, skills or competencies in students since they are fresher’s. Visiting top universities and colleges, we expect them to have functional expertise. We do consider their academic performance like knowledge related to the subject, university assessment etc. Secondly, we look forward to the behavioral skills of the individuals. Like a driving force and ability to learn new things, team interaction and positive team spirit because this is what something that will help them perform their job roles.

Q3. You emphasized on behavioral and practical skills, but college focuses on marks, the academics, how should students inculcate these things in them?

Many colleges have started working in this direction and many recruiting companies including us, visit colleges to impart finishing skills to the students. We guide them how campus life and industry life is different and how they should prepare themselves. It is also seen that the upbringing of the students, their family background also affects them and they are well reflected in their interviews. We also conduct some psychometric tests to know students better.

Without any doubts, Mr. Chandel shared some key information on what recruiters look for when they hire fresh talents. If you have any doubts and queries, reach out to NYOOOZ Careerz and Coursez and your Dost coach will solve them.



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