Avengers Infinity War: 10 invincible Hulks' ranking from weakest to strongest

‘The Hulk’ is one of the only forces within the MCU that comes close to that invincibility. It will be hard to imagine that fans will get through the events of Infinity War and not see the two infamous Titans colliding.

The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ trailer is out and about, and, there is no end to our curiosity to watch around 24 Marvel universe creations all together on-screen fighting against the evils. 

Even the fans across the world are paying homage to the creation of superheroes. The one which is grabbing fans’ more attention is ‘The Incredible Hulk’.

The trailer show a very limited amount of Hulk and speculation is that Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner could be waging war as himself within the Hulkbuster suit.

Among many, we came across with the ‘Bosslogic’ poster which has showcased an epic showdown between two of Marvel’s biggest characters, ‘The Incedible Hulk’ and ‘Mad Titan Thanos’.

For the unversed, in the comics, Thanos is a worthy foe and when yielding the Gauntlet he is almost unstoppable.

‘The Hulk’ is one of the only forces within the MCU that comes close to that invincibility.

It will be hard to imagine that fans will get through the events of Infinity War and not see the two infamous Titans colliding. So, let's take a road to the journey of the invicible Hulk's strength.

Caught in a gamma bomb explosion while trying to save the life of a teenager, Dr. Bruce Banner was transformed into the incredibly powerful creature called the Hulk. An all too often misunderstood hero, the angrier the Hulk gets, the stronger the Hulk gets

Talking about  Hulk strength, NYOOOZ has compiled a list of 10 Hulks from the weakest to the strongest from Marvel Universe’s strongest versions of the heaviest hitter that the Avengers have on their list.


The Hulk debuted 55 years ago in Incredible Hulk #1 (a series that initially only lasted six issues!) by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Paul Reinman. Back then, he was not green but gray. Not only was he gray, but he was a completely different type of creature.


She-Hulk is considered as the very strong, but in the world of the Hulks, She-Hulk has always been regarded as a little bit on the lighter side. A big part of this is that she is so adjusted that her powers don’t fluctuate based on her anger, which puts her at a disadvantage against the other Hulks.


Betty and the Red She-Hulk are viewed as the independent personalities, and as such, the rage of the Red She-Hulk possibly fuels her powers to a certain extent (much like the classic Bruce Banner Hulk). Whatever the reason for the difference in strength is, the Red She-Hulk is stronger than the original She-Hulk


When Banner and the Hulk were attempted to be merged together, Jones somehow ended merged with the Hulk instead. His tenure as the Hulk was relatively brief, so it’s hard to tell just how strong he was, but he seemed basically as strong as the classic Hulk’s base power levels. 

One of the sons, Skaar, had much of the same powers as the main Hulk, only he had powers from his mother, as well, including an ability to tap into the elemental “Old Power.” When it came to strictly strength, however, Skaar seemed to be slightly less powerful than his old man (Iron Fist was able to knock him out!).

At her base power level, Lyra was weaker than almost all of the Hulks on the list, but unlike the classic Hulk, who got stronger the angrier he got, Lyra was the opposite — she got stronger the calmer she got, so she developed a sort of zen relaxation method that allowed her to increase her strength by a great deal, leaping her over the other Hulks on the list.



This is a complete composite Hulk who had the strength of the Green Hulk, the attitude of the Gray Hulk and the intelligence of Banner. The issue, though, is that now that Banner was in control, he refused to let go and that desire kept him from fully accessing all of the power he had at his fingertips. Instead, when he finally let go of all of his anger, he instead transformed into a “savage” version of Banner himself!


Unlike the merged Hulk, Cho does not have an artificial limit on his rage, but at the same time, it is unclear if Cho has the precise same upper limits as the original Hulk either. Cho might deserve to be higher on the list in the future, but for now, he places just after the Merged Hulk.


Now, due to him getting the strength increase, War Hulk is obviously a powerful character. However, since he was also under the control of Apocalypse, then while the base level is higher, the upper limits are also capped out, so War Hulk is surprisingly low on the list.

8.    RED HULK

The Red Hulk is very formidable, but he learned in a re-match with the classic Hulk that old Hulk’s power levels were too much for him, as the classic Hulk’s strength was increasing quicker than the Red Hulk could drain his power from him (he also then lost the power entirely due to Doc Green).


Doc Green was similar to the Merged Hulk, but he did not have the same self-imposed restrictions on cutting loose, so he should be at a higher level of strength an the Merged Hulk. However, Doc Green realized that the lack of limits was a bad thing, as he might become a villain, so he had the Extremis removed and turned down any further Extremis upgrades.


It was this version of the Hulk that established the classic “the angrier the Hulk gets, the stronger he gets.” As a result, there is almost no limit to how strong the Hulk can get.


As Hulk has boasted about his power that he is “the strongest one that there is."  So do you think that his strength is measurable or this has been correctly positioned? Share your comments in the below section.  

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