3 easy tips to keep yourself healthy during monsoon

Here are some health tips for you to let you enjoy the season without compromising with your health.

After the scorching summer, monsoon brings the biggest relief for us in the form of rain that helps us to escape the heat. We all love the rainy season for so many reasons and that is why we embrace rain with open hands.  Apart from soothing rains and lush green environment, the season has the other side too that we often neglect.  It is the perfect time for bacteria and viruses that cause several infectious diseases .  You should take some precautions for rainy season in order to enjoy  the season to its fullest.

Here are some health tips for you to let you enjoy the season without compromising with your health.


Vitamin C


Monsoon is the peak time for viruses and bacterias to thrive. Several bacterial and viral infections are very common in the rainy season that lead to severe health problems in the rainy season. The best way to protect your body from any sort of infection is to strengthen your body`s immunity. Our body has the natural ability to fight against external infections. Immunity prevents us from several diseases in our daily life. Vitamin C is a vital element for improving the body`s immunity. Immunity can be biggest monsoon safety tip against infections .Consume Vitamin C rich foods like blackcurrants, citrus fruits – oranges, limes and lemons, berries, kiwifruit, tomatoes, broccoli, sprouts, red, yellow and green capsicum. These Vitamin C rich food will improve your immunity thus preventing you from minor infections.


Junk food


Street food should be strictly avoided during the rainy season. Potholes filled up with water and mud on the road are the perfect incubators for various kinds of harmful microorganisms. The air also has more bacteria during this time and this all infects the foods which is kept open in the air.

Ensure the food item is well packed before consuming it.



Stagnant water



Malaria and dengue are two mosquito-borne diseases that are very common during the monsoon. Mosquitos are born in stagnant water so if you remove the sources of stagnant water you can prevent yourself from these diseases. Ensure that there is no open water storage in your home. Ensure that they are always in covered pots. Similarly, take note to ensure that the drains are not clogged, and there’s no rainwater held stagnant in your nearby areas.



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