Ayurvedic ways to deal with skin problems and stress

Are you facing blemishes, dark circles and other skin problems and stress? You do not have to depend on heavy chemicals that in turn damage your health even further. Ayurveda has the power to heal you internally. Know what experts have to say on this.

Knowingly and unknowingly, we take up so much stress in our daily routines to an extent that it has intervened in general spheres of our life.  It affects our body adversely, tampering our skin too. If you have been worried about your acne, psoriasis or edema issues even after maintaining hygienic conditions, you blame stress for it. Not only these abrasions but your skin also faces blemishes and dark circles too.

In an exclusive conversation with Dr. Alka Kapoor Clinical Specialist AIIA, NYOOOZ brings you Ayurvedic ways to deal with your skin problems and stress.

Q1. Can stress affect the skin?

Dr. Kapoor explains that stress can affect not only your skin but any part of your body. It is the main culprit which is responsible for skin problems like acne, psoriasis, and edema. Not only this, stress acts as a trigger factor for skin and other health problems.

Q2. Why does it affect the skin?

On a major level, stress triggers a hormonal imbalance in the body. It affects the production of inappropriate hormones in the body and in both males and females it alters production of androgens equally. The part which is more vulnerable is more affected.

Q3. How can we prevent it?

Laying stress on the importance of yoga and meditation Dr. Alka suggests that one should involve it in their regular routine along with the activities we love to do. Stating the brilliance of Ayurveda she mentions how there are several methods that can be adopted in our daily routine for a better lifestyle.  The science of Ayurveda is so specific, that it mentions specific things what we should eat during certain seasons and which should avoid.

Q4. What shall one do in case the stress has affected our skin?

First and foremost she recommends checking to what level it has affected your skin. The first signs are blemishes, dark circles and development of moles. If you see these signs you should take into understanding that something is really wrong inside your body. In this case try

·         Have proper sleep I

·         Improve your lifestyle by adopting a healthy one

·         Avoid deep fried spicy junk food

·         Hydrate your body to the best

There’s a reason why Ayurveda is known as the science of life. It probably has the answer to all the questions, queries and diseases you have.

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