Have these diabetic friendly Indian dishes which are super tasty

Are you surrounded with health police because you are diabetic? Well, you can enjoy your taste of good food by making it diabetic friendly. Have your favorite Dahi Wada or Idli just as you like it.

Do you have to compromise with taste because you’re diabetic? You have health police around you all the time making sure that you don’t eat your favorite food? Now you don’t need to be constantly torn between health and taste. Indian food gives you all the ingredients that are high in fiber and low on glycemic index, ideal for a diabetic diet. These food are absolutely great in taste too.

Ragi Uttapam

 Ragi is rich in calcium and has a low glycemic index. This easy and tasty dish can be prepared in no time. Add your favorite veggies and have it with chutney. The goodness of veggies with ragi will serve you rich taste

Chana Dal Pancakes

Chana dal is said to good for diabetics. It helps to raise blood sugar level slowly. being low on glycemic index it helps to utilize sugar in the blood, maintaining the correct levels of sugar in the body. Since chana dal takes longer to cook, the nutritious value is preserved and you get your favorite taste without compromising with health.

 Wheat Rava Idli

 Wheat is a rich source of minerals and vitamins. It also contains magnesium which helps to lower the risk of diabetes. It plays an important part in body’s functional use of insulin and glucose. Therefore you can have a plate full of healthy wheat rava idlis without being conscious about your health.

Healthy Dahi Wada

No matter what age you reach, you cannot resist street food. We all know it is unhealthy, still you cannot help with the cravings. Diabetic patients can enjoy Dahi Wada with a twist. You can prepare it with brown bread. Brown bread is high in iron, fiber and minerals. With great taste, you can enjoy health benefits.  

Methi Missi Roti

Who can skip the regular missi roti in winters? Even diabetic patients don’t have to compromise on this now. Add some methi to your missi roti and your favorite Indian bread is diabetic friendly. Cooked in less oil, it is low in calorie and high in nutrition value.

Diet plays an important role to keep diabetes in check. But that doesn’t mean you always have to eat plain salted food. You can enjoy your dishes by making them diabetes friendly.

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