Know if you really need to lose some weight

Looking at the mirror you probably guessed that you need to lose some weight because your favorite pair of jeans doesn’t fit you well now. But do you really need to lose some kilos? Don’t believe hoaxes which assure you to lose weight in some days or months. First, be assured if you are actually ‘FAT’.  

Does that happen to you over and over again that you avoid the weight machines near you? Or you secretly wish to have your favorite mirror in the shop that makes you look exactly the way you want to? Well, mere struggling with zipping your clothes does not indicate that you need to shed some kilos. In fact, there are some scientific methods to know if you are really the ‘FAT’ person you think you are.

You don’t necessarily have to be 60 or 75 Kgs to be pronounced as fit or overweight. What gets to decide your weight is BMI or Body Mass Index. It is one of the most reasonable indicators of body fat, for both adults and children.

It is easy to calculate, simple, and inexpensive. Basically, it is a simple mathematical formula which is used to measure the `fatness`, based on your height and weight. It indicates the weight-height relationship and not body weight alone. But, it’s noteworthy that BMI does not take count age, sex, ethnicity or muscle mass.

Before you have jitters that it will be an ardent arithmetic or algebraic equation, let’s make it clear that it’s simple. Just divide your weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared.

Weight (in kilograms) / height (in meters2) = Body Mass Index

If this ratio comes out to be between 18.5 and 24.9, you come under the "normal weight" category. And you definitely don’t have to lose any weight. Above 24.9 you join the overweight category and above 30 you join ‘obese’ group.

Therefore, your dresses and your presumption shouldn’t decide you need to lose weight or not. It should be your BMI that should compel you to lose some weight. Also, there are some other signs; if you find them you should consider losing some weight.

High cholesterol and BP

It is seen that losing weight can bring these numbers down. And the best part is you need any medication which turns out to be safer, cheaper and healthier.

Your waist circumference goes beyond 35

Excessive belly fat can increase the risk of heart diseases, elevated BP, type 2 diabetes and many other diseases. If your BMI is above the range and your waist sizes more than 35, consult a doctor and decide if you need to get rid of some fat.

Your family had a cancer history

Often excess fat leads to a production of excess estrogen and other hormonal imbalance which is linked to breast cancer. If you have a history of cancer in your family, you can avoid it by adopting a healthy lifestyle and staying fit.

Your joints hurt

More weight puts extra pressure on your joints, which in the longer run, wear off the tissues and make movements painful and uncomfortable.

You wake up all groggy

Some people might find snoring normal but actually, it may be due to irregular breathing pattern. And excess weight promotes it. Therefore when you have more fat around your neck it narrows down the wind pipe causing problems in breathing.

It is definitely important to stay healthy and fit, but it’s even more important to accept your body and the way you carry it.

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