Myth busted here is how coffee is actually healthy

One of the most common and most used psychoactive drug is the ardently loved coffee, here is why coffee is actually good for health.

One of the most common and most used psychoactive drugs is the ardently loved coffee. The mornings are never complete, the days are never active and nights are not warm without a generously made cup of coffee. Those who strive by this heavenly drink who swear that it is a bundle of energy, something that keeps your brain active. For some, it is that necessary thing that enables them to make through their dull office.

But often we hear that consuming coffee has an adverse effect on our health. Well, the recommended intake of coffee shouldn’t be more than 400mg, because surpassing the limit could induce insomnia, fast heartbeat, restlessness and much more.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t rule out this magical drink from your menu, here is why coffee is actually good for health.

Victory over heart diseases

In a study it was seen that people who drank three to four cups of coffee in a day are 19% less likely to come across cardiovascular diseases. So, now you do have an excuse to sip some coffee throughout the day, of course for the sake of your healthy heart.

Your savior for type 2 diabetes

It is said that coffee works magically in reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. People consuming coffee have 7% reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Just remember not to make your coffee too sweet for yourself. Take up a balance and enjoy good health.

Kill the cancer

People who drink a lot coffee, more than 3 cups a day were noted at an 18% reduced risk of cancer. Studies also show that it also reduces the risk of liver cancer by 15% and endometrial cancer to 8%. Not only this it is also seen to reduce oral and advanced prostate cancer as well. What could be better than protecting your health with some good taste?

 Keeps brain active

With age our brain starts to degenerate and coffee can help to slower down the process. Regular coffee drinkers have lower risk of Alzheimer`s dementia and cognitive decline by 16%, so that cup coffee you had during your hours not only kept your brain active during the day but will help you in the longer run as well.


With just one cup of coffee in a week, depression risk is dropped by 15% while those having two to three cups drop the risk by 20%. So not you know why people who consume coffee regularly are mostly seen happy.

Feeling thirty? Go grab a cup of coffee!

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