Practice these alternate exercises to sharpen your brain

Don’t restrict your brain to a routine. Let your brain use its innate capacity with these simple exercises you can adopt in your daily lives. Not only they break monotony but stimulate your brain too. Try them and let us know if they work.

According to the researches on average human beings don’t use even 10% of their brains. The innate capabilities of the brain are restricted because we limit its usage. We schedule ourselves into a routine that limits our brain’s decision making and thinking out-of-the-box capacity. Lack of exercise makes us lethargic, similarly you make your brain sluggish if you don’t work on it.  As exercises are important for your physical health so they are for your grey matter.

Let’s work on to charge up our brains and make them sharper than before.

Switch your hand preference

Altering your hand increases brain activity. If you are right a handed person try switching it to left. Incorporate into your daily life like eating, brushing or using computer’s mouse. Change the buttons and see how it helps you to break usual monotony. Initially you may find it difficult, but subsequently it will prove to be good for you.

Turn things upside down

Don’t worry we’re not asking you to do a headstand. We are just asking you look at things upside down or backwards. This stimulates your brain to see things with different perspective. For instance, wear your watch upside down or your calendar. This makes your brain think and analyze every time you look at these.

Discover new routes

Setting up a route for your workplace, home or market makes your brain work as an autopilot. It gets incorporated into the subconscious system, not letting you think. Trying on different routes stimulates your brain, making it sharper. You strictly don’t have to drive you may walk or use public convince.

Practice a creative hobby

You don’t have to be high on art to do this. You just have to give a shot to something new. Practicing a creative hobby works as a natural anti depressant and prevents brain from ageing. It helps your brain to focus on something new in a more efficient way. There are a number of activities you can choose like knitting, playing a musical instrument or gardening.

Start meditating

Mayo Clinic, Harvard, and many national and international institutes of health worship the goodness of meditation for mental health. It naturally relaxes the brain and reduces stress levels. Our brains are constantly thinking and meditation gives them break from usual routine. It also increases brains ability to learn and improves memory.

Of all the things don’t forget to enjoy your day, the best way to stimulate your brain is to keep it happy. Break the monotony and let your brain think round the clock.

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