Explore proximity with nature in your city with these doable ideas

The time spent with nature is the time spent to build your health. But you’re missing that nature’s touch in cities? Well, you can enjoy the nature bliss as well. Wondering how? Read on.

The city lights have made us dizzy and the constant hammering of jams have made us forget the soothes of the morning sunlight and the humming of country birds. We all have heard and ignored the advice to live in close proximity with nature because we cannot afford to leave the luxuries of the city and move to the fields on regular basis. But do you really need to move to the fields? Why not create one around you?

NYOOOZ brings you a bunch of easy going ideas which will help you to connect with nature.

Visit your city park

Make sure you spend a day strolling in the greens of the park. Jog around, sit idle or have some quality time with your loved ones. Spending some time in the proximity of trees and plants is good for your health because it de-stresses you.

Breathe in freshness

We often fail to comprehend how our ambience is affected by the smell around us. The city roads fill our lungs with vehicles exhausts and other pollutants. To savour your lung health use fresheners with essential oils to transform the atmosphere of your home.

Spend some time meditating

We all know the benefits of meditating, but how many of really follow it? It is one of the simplest ways to connect with yourself naturally. Harmonise with nature’s energy for a healthy and peaceful mind and body.

Let sunlight embrace you

Before the city lights start hurting your eyes, let sunlight embrace you. The hustle bustle has an adverse on our minds, it’s been scientifically proven that sunlight act as a natural anti-depressant. It also gives vitamin D an essential element for good bone health.

Have a little garden

If you cannot go to parks regularly, plant some trees at home. If you have some land you can grow a small beautiful garden, bring some flowers or do some kitchen farming. You can opt to have a terrace or balcony garden or pot some small plants that can be grown indoors.

The lack of contact with nature has distanced us from a healthy lifestyle. Make little efforts to adopt these doable things and break that isolation from nature.

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