Make super easy pet toys from stuff in your house

Let your pawed friends have new toys to play with. No, you don’t have to spend a handful sum for it. Just look for things around you don’t need anymore and turn them into their new toys. Wondering how? Just read on. 

Don’t you love it when your little bundles of joy are all happy and playful? These pawed creatures are full of happiness when you bring them a new toy. But often it happens that they are unfamiliar with the toys you bought from market and they reject it at once. Make them toys from stuff around the house they are familiar with, and they’ll love it more than any usual toy.

Tennis ball hunts

Tennis balls are pets favorite toy. Make it more interesting for them, it will keep them engaged for a long time. Slit open the ball and place you pets favorites eatable. Let him fetch his ball and be surprised with favorite treat inside it.

Knott the fabric

Every pets loves to chew on things. Save your essentials from chewing by gifting them their personal chewing toy. Take any heavy fabric, like denim or a towel and cut large strip of it. Just tie a braid of it, or not knot them up for your mischievous tamed friend.

Make a no-sew bed

Pets love to laze around when they done with their playfulness, gift them a bed. You can easily make this bed and you don’t even need a sewing machine. Cut two pieces of fabric to the same shape. Cut identical fringes along the sides and tie them. When you`re ¾ finished with the knot tying take the fillings of an old pillow or your old clothes and fill it up. Your pets laze around bed is ready. 

Build a ramp

Any unusual thing around your house keeps your pets engaged and puzzled. Nothing could be simpler than building a ramp. Just place a plank of wood anywhere in the house and let your pet move around it, speculating what that. Don’t forget to put some cushions around so that they don’t hurt themselves if they fall.

Pet tent

A cozy spot for your playful friend for hide and seek. You just an empty card board box and a large old T-shirt. Cut off the flaps of the card board and pull the t-shirt over the opening. Keep adjusting until it is centered. Let your pet figure out how to enter and exit their tunneled space.

Surprise your pets with these DIY toys from ordinary stuff around you

These DIY toys are super easy and are ready in no time. Dedicate a weekend to hunt the unused things at your place and turn them into your pet’s favorite toys. Try one of them, or if you have more ideas. Do share with NYOOOZ.

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