New ABC of healthy lifestyle

After the relative control of infectious diseases, a new crop of diseases called lifestyle diseases have appeared on the surface.                         By Dr. Amit Bhushan

The longevity of life increased with control of infectious diseases and sedentary lifestyle, various other aspects of human evolution came into play. This led to lifestyle diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Mental stress and stress-related illness, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarctions and so on. In order to combat the lifestyles diseases, right from our childhood, certain guidelines have to be followed. These guidelines have been discussed by our grandparents for centuries together. Now it is the real time to implement them seriously so that the incidence and the prevalence of lifestyle disease go down and health burden on the society is reduced.

The New ABCD of lifestyle is A – Anxiety (Mind control) B – Body (Diet & Exercise), C – Cigarette and addiction, D – Direction in which we are moving, E – Exercise, F – Friends , G -Guru or God and H –Humour. In this ABCDEFG of lifestyle, if an individual gets 7 or 8 out of 10 marks every day, he is leading a healthy lifestyle. Trying to get 10 out of 10 adds to mental stress!


It is well known that chronic stress and anxiety states lead to diseases like hypertension and atherosclerosis. The pace of life and the greed of life have led to these diseases. If one has a goal of just two meals of the day, then anxiety diseases don’t trouble him. In order to steady the state of mind, the basic happiness of the mind needs to improve. This is like the depth of the sea, happiness and anger are like surface waves but what matters is the basic happiness or the depth of the sea. This comes out of observation, reading, assimilation, good friend circle, yoga, meditation, Pranayam and hobbies.

B : Body:

Having a beautiful body is a bonus but a healthy body is absolutely essential. Our “poor” country is suffering these days by a disease called central “obesity”! This leads to metabolic syndrome. Being close to the ideal weight will always help. A controlled diet with more proteins and less of fats and carbohydrates is required for everyone. The pattern of eating should be in the form of an inverted pyramid. A heaviest meal of the day should be breakfast and lightest meal of the day should be the dinner. Use of uncooked food in the form fresh fruits and salads should be encouraged.

C : Cigarettes:

Any addiction like alcohol or tobacco or exercise or money (these are also addictions) can be damaging to overall health. Tobacco and alcohol are known for its deleterious effect, but the other two are glorified!

D : Direction:

In the zest of life and orientation towards career, success and money, the direction of life gets lost and the near and dear ones get neglected. Smelling roses on the way to success should never be forgotten. There is always someone who needs you even for minor things and they all never should be forgotten.

E : Exercise:

Importance of exercise cannot be underestimated. 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week is definitely required for all. Doing gym like exercise and weight training will also help a great deal to improve muscular-skeletal system and prevent osteoporosis.

F : Friends:

The emotional core group yours helps you to stand all the stress. It also adds to the quality of life and improving your basic happiness. We have been taught from centuries that guests should be treated as god but the near and dear ones around you, in the family, at workplace should be treated like god. Suddenly you are surrounded by Gods!

G : Guru or God:

Some higher power than you always helps you to guide you. It need not be in the form of temples or mosques or Gurudwaras but it comes in the form of a guiding light which will show you a bigger picture and will make you rise above small matters of life and make you feel and face life well.

H : Humour:

There is always sounds around us but a transistor catches the song and we can hear it. Humor is like that; it is always around us. We have to develop special antennae to catch the humor and the entire life can be a smiling journey for you and the people around you. Humor is very philosophical. You heard it, you assimilated it and you laughed at it means you lived that present moment, which is the essence of all

Based on this ABCDEFGH, one can formulate your own circle of life. It should be full circle working on various aspects of life, like social health, personal health, financial health, Spiritual health and mental health. This is not to be started when the diseases start appearing. This should be the Sanskar in the families and children also should be aware of what is this new ABCDEFGH – Happy learning!!

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