Promise Day 2020: Refrain from making these promises to your partners

  • Ankur
  • Monday | 10th February, 2020

This promise day don’t commit promise which you can`t fulfill and also learn to keep your promise.

When you get into a relationship, you want to believe that it could last forever. Every relationship starts with promises and end with the pain of breaking promises. So, this promise day don’t commit promise which you can`t fulfill and also learn to keep your promise.

Here are promises that all partners will make, but most will not keep.

Promise that I’ll Always Love You

Maybe he/she means this for the first time when he/she says it…...but there is no guarantee that it will feel this way forever. At the beginning of a relationship, both partners promise that they will love each other forever, no matter what happens. But the fact of the matter is that this is simply not true for most couples. So this promise day, don’t promise to love always.

Promise that He/She Sees You In Future

Even though a guy/ girl may mean this when he/she first says it, he/she may not always mean it. It’s sad to acknowledge, but it’s true.

Promise that He/She Won’t Get Jealous Of Your Ex

Ah, another promise that almost every single guy and girl on the planet will make at some point, even though they know they will break it at some point. It is only natural to get a little jealous over an ex every once in a while. It doesn’t have to ruin your relationship, but you do have to learn how to handle it. A guy and girl may promise but at some point, he/she definitely will. so don’t  make promise of wont Get Jealous Of Ex.

Promise that He/She’ll Never Hide Anything from You

Honestly, this is an unrealistic promise for anyone to make, whether you’re a guy or a girl. But establishing trust in the beginning of a relationship is very important, and because of this, some people will go a little too far when it comes to making promises they simply can’t keep.

Promise that you won’t Like Pictures of others on Instagram.

This is an easy promise to break. After all, sometimes we all scroll through Instagram absentmindedly and happen to “like” something that we shouldn’t have. Social media platforms like Instagram can cause a lot of tension in relationships these days. Whether you’re dating someone or not, you have to be careful about what you post online, because someone can see it and get the wrong idea. It’s only normal for a girl to feel a little jealous and upset when she sees that her man is liking pictures of other girls on Instagram.  Most couples promise each others that they would never do this, but they do not always keep this promise. So, think before promise

Promise that He/she’ll Never Text Ex

Okay, there are some couples who will actually abide by this promise, but most will not. some guys who will actually abide by this promise, but most guys will not. There are some who have cut off all contact with their exes because the relationships were so toxic. Others will occasionally chat with their exes simply because they’re still on good terms and there is no bad blood between them.

Promise that He/she Never Thinks About their Ex

This is another promise that the vast majority of couples will make, but once again, it’s just unrealistic to expect anyone to meet this standard. We know that every girl hates the idea of her boyfriend thinking about his ex and vice-versa, but but he/she can’t erase from memory.

Promises that He/she’ll Never Look at Other Girls/Guys

Naturally, guys will reassure you that they would never dream of checking out other girls and vice-versa. But let’s be honest here- if a Beautiful Hot girl or a Tall Handsome guy walked by, he/she would probably turn head and look for a minute. And don’t lie to yourself—you know that you will occasionally see a super attractive guy and won’t be able to stop yourself from letting your gaze linger for just a second too long. Honestly, this is a promise that no one could keep.

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