Stay fit even if you have to sit and work all day

Are you gaining weight, and you constantly feel lethargic in your office hours? May be it`s time you should check your routine, have some weight loss and add a healthy twist to it.

Sitting all day long in the office is a common thing now. Our lifestyles have changed and continuous sitting makes us restless. We invite many diseases like obesity, diabetes and arthritis. We are always hungry and we eat anything that is available easily, which is mostly delicious and generally harmful for health.

If you cannot skip the sedentary lifestyle, adopt these in your daily routine.

Walk as much as you can

In a study recently it was found that Indian’s are the laziest and they don’t even walk 5000 steps, where it is recommended to take 10,000 steps daily. You’d realize the more you walk, more active you will feel. Stoll in the office and opt for stairs instead of lifts. That will make the deal for you.

Make a rule not skip breakfast

It’s a cycle, isn’t it? We sleep late, wake up late and then rush to the office, the only time we could save is skipping our breakfast. That’s what we think. But actually, skipping the breakfast slows down our metabolism.

Increase your water intake

We all know there are innumerable benefits of water. Just to point some here, more water helps you retain water and flushing out toxins from your body by urination and sweat. It helps you lose weight and is healthy for skin too.

Choose healthy munchies

Everybody loves fries and chips during the office hours. These munchies can be replaced with something healthy like fruit chaat or your caffeine with juices. They are incredibly tasty and good for health too.

Practice desk exercises

It’s lethargic to sit all day and stare at your screen. Give your eyes a break and practice some desk exercises like rotating your neck, stretching your arms, touching your feet and some basic eye relaxing exercises.

Set some healthy goals and enjoy office work, by opting these in your routine and look at the change yourself.

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