This monsoon protect your homes from any damages with these precautionary tips

Without any doubts, monsoon is a lovely season but it can play tolls on your house. To avoid any damage to your belongings practice these precautionary measures and keep your home safe.

The much-awaited monsoons are here and they have announced their entry with heavy splashes. While you welcome the showers, is your house ready for the rains this season?

Humid air in the lovely season can cause far-reaching damages to your home accessories and furniture. If not fixed properly, doors and windows swell up and every part of the house from walls to the roofs get affected.

But these damages can be prevented by assuring few necessary steps before the rains take their toll.

Repair the cracks and leakages

Check ceilings to ensure there are no evident signs of roof gaps or other leakage inside your house. Have a look for the slightest indication of water rings, molds on the wall or discoloration of the ceiling. If you notice any of them, make the needed repairs, to fix and prevent it from growing into a larger issue in the rainy season.

Check wiring

Naked wires and non-insulated cords can lead to havoc in monsoons. Avoid power failures by replacing these damaged cords. Additionally, check for electrical connections and electric switches that are exposed to rain. Make sure to cover them and prevent hazardous electric shocks or short-circuits.

Protect your furniture

Furniture and wooden embellishments like cupboards, railings, tables and drawers can get moldy or be damaged due to fungus in the rainy season. Take precautionary measures by installing camphor balls, neem leaves and cloves in cupboards and drawers to protect your clothes and valuable items from moisture.

Fix the doors and windows

Repaint your metal doors and windows to keep them away from rusting and stop the rain from seeping through them. Wooden doors and windows have a tendency to swell up during monsoon if not properly fixed. If you see rain water seeping through them, fix a rubber lining between them.

Keep away the insects

Insects are a common problem during monsoons. Apart from flies and mosquitoes, termites, ants and other flying insects take homage and cause damage to the buildings. Instead of overusing chemicals, try to avoid these insects in a much natural way. It is also advisable to get pest control in your house before the monsoon.

Don’t forget to mop your floors frequently before they leave stain marks. Also, make sure that your guests do not spoil your belongings with their wet umbrellas and shoes. Follow these precautionary tips and enjoy the lovely season of monsoons.

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