Your Johnson’s Baby Powder is Safe to Use

Johnson & Johnson clearly understands the responsibility that parents across the world have entrusted it to provide only the safest products for their babies. The company continuously invests dedicated time, efforts and resources in order to fulfil its deep commitment towards this responsibility. One of the most popular products under the Johnson & Johnson umbrella is the baby powder.

Johnson & Johnson baby powder is associated with a clean and fresh scent. It is an integral part of post-bathing bonding between mothers and babies in many countries, including India. The baby powder comes with a number of benefits, which make it an essential product for the little ones. It absorbs excess moisture and perspiration from the baby’s skin, lowers the skin temperature to reduce symptoms of prickly heat, acts as a dry lubricant to reduce skin-to-skin and skin-to-cloth friction and most importantly, gives long-lasting freshness to the baby.

Unfortunately, the trust of parents in Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder received a setback owing to a number of lawsuits against the company claiming that it contains asbestos, which can lead to cancer in babies. Last year in December, the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) too issued a notice to the company to stop using the huge quantities of raw materials that went into the making of talcum powder in its manufacturing plants in Mulund in Maharashtra and Baddi in Himachal Pradesh. The Indian drug regulator commenced the process of testing samples from the company’s manufacturing plants and markets. The premise of an allegation of Johnson baby powder cancer was based on a report published in Reuters.

Amidst the stories of Johnson & Johnson baby powder cancer floating in the media, the company always maintained a firm stance on the safety of its product and refuted every claim that came its way. Every lawsuit was overturned by the juries after doing their own review of facts which stated that the company’s powder was free from asbestos. In India too, the government-sanctioned tests passed the verdict in favour of Johnson & Johnson and proved that the powder does not contain asbestos. Following these results, the company has now resumed the production of its talc in its manufacturing facilities in India.

Johnson & Johnson confirmed that the purity of its baby powder had been reaffirmed by regulatory authorities in many other countries like Thailand, Singapore, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Kuwait. It also stated the Reuters article was ‘one-sided, false and inflammatory’.

Every allegation pertaining to Johnson & Johnson baby powder cancer has been proved meritless in various independent studies undertaken by leading scientists, research labs, universities, medical experts and government regulators across the world over many decades. Every testing agency has found the company’s baby powder absolutely safe for babies.

In furtherance to defending the false claims regarding Johnson and Johnson baby powder cancer, the company has published informative material on every little detail that parents may want to know about talc. The company uses only pharmaceutical-grade talc in its baby powder after ensuring that it meets its purity standards. In fact, Johnson & Johnson carefully test every ingredient that goes into the making of its baby powder and ensures that it is safe to use by the latest science. It has readily cooperated with every agency that wants to test the purity and safety of its products, no matter whatever information the company is requested to provide. Time and again, thousands of studies have found Johnson baby powder cancer allegations baseless.

Johnson & Johnson has been serving parents across the world for over 100 years. It firmly believes in maintaining complete transparency and honesty in selling its products without compromising human health, and it will continue doing so for future generations too.

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