Advances in wearables for the hand point the way to the future

Advances in wearables are gaining speed and it is now becoming clear just how much they will contribute to the future of computing and communication. Cornell researchers believe that the FingerTrak device, a bracelet that can continuously monitor the hand in 3D is smaller, less intrusive and more connected than anything before it. The first and most promising application is in sign language translation, according to Chen Zang, assistant professor at Cornell’s SciFi Lab. “This could really push the current technology into new areas.”The advances in wearables that are less intrusive and more connected than previous attempts will point the way for the future of computing itself. Whatever the application, the advances in wearables, after something of a lull, are now showing us not only the future for many arenas such as healthcare but pointing the way for the future of ‘computing’ as we know it.

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