China Unicom calls for ecosystem approach to integrated industrial 5G

The challenge is that industrial 5G has to be tightly integrated into factory operations to offer any value. And Huang Xuan, General Manager of the Smart Manufacturing Business Department at China Unicom Shanghai, will tell you it’s even harder than it sounds. Speaking at the keynotes on Day 1 of the Huawei Connect 5G2B Summit last week, Huang walked the audience through Unicom’s experience with developing industrial 5G offerings. Towards a 5G industrial ecosystemHuang offered other several examples that illustrated the same basic point: 5G networks alone won’t solve the problems that industrial companies need solving, and there is no such thing as a catch-all solution. “We need to take stock of our experience and explore how 5G can co-prosper with the industrial sector and develop a system for different industrial scenarios and applications,” Huang said.

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