Facebook to launch first smart glasses with Ray-Ban by 2021

‘’Imagine a pair of glasses that add a 3D layer of contextually relevant, meaningful information on top of physical world’’- Facebook.

Facebook will launch its first set of smart glasses next years. The social media giant is working in partnership with Luxottica, the maker of Ray-Ban to inaugurate the glasses by 2021. The announcement was made during the recently held Facebook Connect virtual conference where the company also unleashed the next-gen Quest 2 wireless VR headset.

Mark Zuckerberg was present in the conference and stated ‘’after spending time with their (Essilor Luxottica’s) team and visiting their factory, I knew that they were right partner for us to help bring the best technology together with the best glasses’’. Facebook and Luxottica will make the smart glasses as part of multi-year partnership.

It will be marketed as Ray-Ban product; the glasses will not have an integrated display but may feature a voice-assistant. The glasses will work by pairing them with smartphone that means they will work exactly like Snap Spectacles or Amazon Echo frames. However the social media giant is not willing to share more details about the smart glasses including the design and cost.

In its blog post Facebook wrote ‘’we will build and release a pair of Ray-Ban branded smart glasses by 2021. They’ll combine innovative technology with fashion forward style and help better connect with friends and family’’

The partnership will blend Facebook apps and technologies with Luxottica brands and Essilor lens technology in smart glasses that will tap into internet and will help people stay connect with family and friends. Luxottica chief wearable officer Rocco Basilico stated in the release ‘’combining a brand that is loved and worn by miilions of consumers around the globe with technology that has brought the world closer together, we can reset expectations around wearable’s’’.

Facebook’s partnership with Luxottica is separate from the company’s Project Aria research prototype, a pair of AR glasses. The company says it will start testing Aria glasses in public and around its campus starting this month.

The Mark Zuckerberg owned Facebook isn’t the only company in the room that has envisioned future in augmented reality and smart glasses. Google, Apple and other big tech geeks are all reportedly working on pair of AR glasses.        



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