Juniper Research predicts 5G revenues to hit $357 bn in 2025 – but how?

Juniper Research just published a study that predicts telco revenue from 5G will hit $357 billion by 2025. Juniper believes that a major factor will be the migration to 5G, driven partly by a shift in from 3G and 4G networks to 5G, which will be the only technology standard growing globally. Juniper believes that telcos will have to charge more for 5G connectivity and we believe there is a real question mark over that strategy. The TM Forum (and most industry observers) believe strongly that telcos need to head down the service route and with the improvements that 5G brings, the potential for innovation is certainly there. For a while now, we have been hearing from telcos that the initial opportunities for 5G will lie in the enterprise sector and the study from Juniper Research certainly bears that theory out.

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