Social media app Tik Tok removed 3.7cr videos from India this year

  • Gayatri
  • Wednesday | 23rd September, 2020

According to the transparency report 2020 in the first half of 2020, social media app Tik Tok has removed a total of 10,698297 videos from the platform wherein 37,682,925 are from India, citing policy violation.

It has been months now since the government of India banned the popular Chinese social media app TikTok the app is still unavailable on Google Play store and Apple App store and for users who had TikTok downloaded on their mobile phone earlier it has stopped functioning. As the ban continues TikTok releases has Transparency Report for the first six months of 2020 and states the number of videos it removed.

According to the transparency report in the first half of 2020, TikTok has removed a total of 10,698,297 videos from the platform wherein 37,682,924 are from India, 9,822,996 from the United States, 6,454,384 from Pakistan, 5,525,783 from Brazil and 2,949,620 from the United Kingdom.

“In the first half of 2020 January 1- June 30 ,104,543,719 videos were removed globally for violating our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, which is less than 1 per cent of all videos uploaded on TikTok. Of those videos, we found and removed 96.4 per cent of videos before a user reported them, and 90.3 per cent were removed before they received any views’’  the reports stated

Before the app was banned in India TikTok expanded community guidelines, introduced fact checking programs, added in-app educational PSAs on hashtags.  TikTok also launched Family Pairing that allows parents to connect their account to their teenage children and ensure the kind of content available for them.

TikTok notes that the “volume of legal requests also increased as the user base and content corpus grew significantly over the first half of this year”. The report stated that TikTok received 1,768 requests for user information from 42 countries/markets and 121 requests from government agencies to restrict or remove content from 15 countries/markets. Additionally, the company evaluated 10,625 copyrighted content take-down notices globally.



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