Telcos are missing an obvious 5G revenue play: households

Operators have been looking for new 5G revenue opportunities mainly in the enterprise sector on the assumption that the consumer mobile sector is a well-trodden path. But in the wake of the ‘new normal’ amid COVID-19, operators may be overlooking the most obvious 5G moneymaker: households. Not only do households need telcos to offer higher QoS for home working, running nanobusinesses from home and for high-quality entertainment services, but they also need more cloud-based services, cybersecurity, assurance and ‘managed lifespace’ services. That’s why telcos need to seriously rethink their customer segmentation as well as the bundles, pricing and offers targeted at households, says Omnisperience chief analyst Teresa Cottam. Service providers need new revenue streams today, but, as is often the case, they’re overlooking the obvious,” she says.

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