X-Tech for smart campus to attract investment and innovation

We talked to Shunde Kecan Group and China Telecom on this to find out more at Huawei Better World Summit NetX 2025 & X-Tech. Shunde Kecan Group has plans for further, similar, smart campus projects and the IOC will be a central processor for all campus information. The Shunde Zhichuang Campus is built on the concept of “1 + 3 + X”, says Wei Hongmei, general manager of China Telecom Shunde Branch. “X” refers to the numerous domains that need to transform, such as access management, equipment management, asset management, property management service, integration service. For now, the story of the Shunde smart campus and the partnership between Huawei, China Telecom and Shunde Kecan Group is a solid, real-life example of what is possible.

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