Adventure sports in India not many traveler enthusiasts know about

India has so many adventure sports that can be added to your bucket list. But paragliding, scuba diving are some common ones. Discover the lesser known but thrilling adventure sports you can enjoy in India like Dune Bashing, Spelunking and much more.

‘Tis not life that matters, tis the courage that you bring to it’- it is a cryptic sentence with which Huge Walpole’s famous novel Fortitude opens, and it is true for what if life without courage.  And when that travel bug has hit you hard, you cannot escape to hold on to that courage and try some adventure sports.

If you’re wondering that these thrilling sports are outside India, you need to second that notion. There are ample numbers of adventure sports you can enjoy in your own country. Don’t believe us? Have a look.

Microlight Flying

Location- Mysore

Who’d resist being a free bird and traversing the sky? In Mysore, you can be that bird, quite literally.  It is one of the safest adventure sports not many people know of, you enjoy it in Mysore and have an amazing experience. It is available throughout the year and cancelled only in extreme weather conditions.

Heli Skiing

Location- Auli, Rohtang, Gulmarg and Manali

Enjoy the snow and have memorable skiing expedition from the highest altitude and peaks accessible only by a helicopter. Get that adrenalin rush when you ski down the snow clad mountains. It is one of the best adventure sports, though you have to be careful. When you’re tired you can simply make some snow angels or have a friendly snow fight with your friends.

Dune Bashing

Location- Jaisalmer

Enriching your dessert safari experience Dune bashing is gaining popularity among travel enthusiasts. Driving in sand wildly thoroughness wilderness of the Dessert is all you need to break the chains of monotony. As the sand dimple up and down so does your heart beats. It is absolutely mandatory that you do it with safety measurements and with expert drivers.

Zip Lining

Location- Rishikesh, Neemrana, Mussoorie, Bhopal and Jodhpur

Get the incredible views of mountains, hills, palaces and forts as you pass zipping around them at height and speed. See the locations through bird eye views and be spell bound with nature’s beauty. You are hooked with a claw to Zip lines at a considerable height, if it’s enough to give chills, rush to the nearest place to enjoy the sport.


Location- Meghalaya

If you aren’t afraid of small tight knit, dark places full of bugs spelunking can be your thing. Spelunking or caving involves rock climbing, crawling, going through tight squeezes, walking and sometimes swimming too. You can foray into caves in search of adventures and love the spooky feel.

There’s so much to explore and discover, make sure that you have incorporated all these in your bucket list.

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