Here is how to remain travel fit when on a vacation

A good workout on the go can always be accommodated in your travel schedule, whether for business or pleasure.

Travelling purifies your soul, it awakens your senses and prepares your mind to face new hurdles. Travelling continuously for days and binging on food might take a toll on your fitness goals. Nevertheless, travelling to extreme places, trekking or sometimes going on without untimely meals needs you to stay mentally active and physically fit.

Even if you cannot match up with your regular gym or workout timings while you are on wheels or outstation, there is absolutely no reason to leave your fitness goals behind, even when you are travelling.

A good workout on the go can always be accommodated in your travel schedule, whether for business or pleasure.

Pleasure walk in the travelling town

Soak in the new environment that you are a temporary inhabitant of. Go for a brief walk to come close to the nature of the hill station of the beach. You won’t know a place better than early morning when it’s calm and quiet. Rent a bike if you are in an urban location and ride along some scenic locations or hike hillock. Make a list of destinations and set out on foot to explore them on foot.

How to overcome jetlag with stretching post-flight 

Your muscles tend to be tighter than ever from the constant sitting on a flight. When you get to your gate, ward off lower-back soreness with a forward fold. Fall forward on your stomach, hugging your knees and rocking side to side. When at your destination tune your body and mind reset with two yoga poses downward dog and child`s pose.  

Pack a lightweight fitness kit 

You cannot carry dumbbells when travelling but there`s plenty of light equipment you can bring with you. Your best bet is a jump rope, resistance bands, and hand towels to use in place of sliders. Water bottles make decent hand weights. 

Do fast and hard free hand exercises with no equipment 

Even if you don`t pack a single fitness tool, you can get a crazy-good workout with simple bodyweight exercises. Do 100 jumping jacks (or four sets of 25 if you need to), 30-60 seconds of pushups, 30-60 seconds holding a plank, 30-60 seconds of lunges per leg, and 30-60 seconds of burpees. Then repeat two or three times. 

Some quick physical activities while doing so. Lang suggested calf raises, glute squeezes, and belly breathing. While you might garner some odd looks, but the results will be worth it all.

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