Natural lakes in India that should be in your travel map for a quite vacation

Here is a list of most exotic and beautiful lakes in India mostly unheard of which you must visit at least once in your life.

The vast area of India calls for varied landscape and relief features. Lakes here, whether naturally formed, or manmade, are extremely beautiful, calm and serene, which have been given importance from the time of our epics.

Here is a list of most exotic and beautiful lakes in India mostly unheard of which you must visit at least once in your life.

Tam Dil, Mizoram

A perfect spot for a camping and bonfire night out in the east, the Tam Dil is about 6-8 hours away from the Aizawl and is a serene spot for frequent travellers. A popular fishing and picnic spot for the locals and tourists alike, at Tam Dil, one can boat in the lake, walk around its shores or just spread a carpet, lie down and read a book- there are one too many ways to spend some enjoyable time at the lake.

Prashar Lake, Himachal Pradesh

Prashar is one of the most beautiful lakes in India and not frequented by tourists. Right next to it, is a pagoda like temple dedicated to Sage Parashar worth the pit stop and some interesting myths about the waterbody. On its first sight it appears like blue mirror with its lush green expanse.

Changu Lake (Tsongmo), Sikkim


Changu Lake in Sikkim in the month of February is like a frozen paradoise in the middle of mist laden hills basking in its glory with the sunrays hitting the fresh snow. Also known as Tsongmo among the locals on the way to the Nathu La Pass on the India China border, it is a bit difficult to reach owing to the tough terrain, but the drive is worth it. For souvenirs, one can get dressed up in traditional attire and get photographed with the yaks, but not without bargaining.

Loktak Lake, Manipur


Worlds only floating Natural Park with its rich biodiversity has caught the attention of many tourists now. Just about an hour away from Imphal, the Loktak Lake in northeastern India is one of the most pristine and unaltered water bodies. The floating islands exclusive to this waterbody, also called Phumdis are inhabited and known to change shapes and locations at all times during the year. For a serene retreat from the loud city life, Loktak is where you want to be.

Pangong Tso, Jammu and Kashmir

Definitely, the most popular, and one of the most beautiful lakes in India, especially after the movie 3 Idiots and Jaab Tak Hai Jaan were shot here, this saltwater lake, located at a height of about 4000 metres at the cold desert of Ladakh, is a study of nature’s contrasts. It creates a striking contrast against the white sand and appears to change colours when seen from different angles in the sunlight and through various hours of the day. Seen in the lap of rugged mountains, the lake for sure is a visual treat


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