These travel accessories are a saviour in monsoon

Did you throw away your travel accessories here and there like that waterproof bag or that casual slip-on from your travel trip? Well, you can use them this monsoon season and be spared by the rains.

Travelling no doubt is fun, but you cannot travel throughout the year. Most of the times people either throw away their travel accessories here and there and forget about them or they crumble with time. But did you ever give thoughts of reusing your travel essential even when you’re not traveling, like a part of your daily routine? Yes, you can use many of them especially when it’s raining heavily outside and the streets are clogged with water and the traffic jams worsen it.

Wondering how? Let’s have a look

Water safe Mobile

We all know how important a water safe mobile is during trips, but think it the other way, with water safe mobile in your hands, you can enjoy and cover rains like never before. Be the journalist everybody wants to hear from and you can give updates about rain situation from everywhere.

Air Pillow

This is definitely going to be a savior of all the lazy goof-ups who hate traffic jams and cannot wait to lay flat at their places. But just in case you are stuck in one of the worst unavoidable jams, you can make it a little comfortable by using these air pillows to your rescues.

Waterproof bag covers

In case of heavy rainfalls when probably all your essentials are at risk, do not forget the waterproof covers. Like they have helped you in your travel days from adverse weather, they will save you in heavy rains too.

Female Urination Devices

Traffic jams can be really painful and if you’re stuck at a place you don’t find a way out can be horrific. The situation gets horrific if you have to use the public lavatories, especially for girls. Your FUD you bought for your favourite trek can prove really helpful now.


Only a true can know how painful wrong shoes can be. You absolutely have to be careful that they are waterproof, airy and skin friendly too, probably the same things you need in monsoon. So ditch your leather shoes or your favourite stilettos for rains and choose casual crocs or open chappals.


Monsoon can be nasty sometimes and infections are in every corner, it is this time that your travel medicine box can be really helpful. Dermatologist suggests that to avoid leptospirosis, take tab Doxycycline 200mg stat for adults who are drenched in rain or tab amoxicillin stat single dosage and use antifungal powders abundantly.

Insect Repellant

Water is logged everywhere from place to place which creates havoc and becomes breeding spots for many insects. To avoid any diseases one must make sure that they use insect repellants adequately.  



Power cuts in rains are not something new, and to avoid any mishappening you can use the same torch which had been your partner for all the night outs and night camps you have had in your travel expeditions.

Well, don’t you think these travel accessories will really you fight the odd rains? Share with NYOOOZ what other things can come handy in this rainy season.

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