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Tussle between BJP MLA Swami and ABVP leaders resolve

  • Tussle between BJP MLA Swami and ABVP leaders resolve

    Summary: After that a case against ABVP leaders was registered in Jwalapur police station and similarly, ABVP leaders also filed a case against the MLA and his supporters.Bajrang Dal workers also burnt effigy of BJP MLA in support of ABVP leaders in this dispute. HARIDWAR: Senior BJP leaders intervened in the tussle between BJP MLA from Haridwar Swami Yatishwaranand and ABVP leaders and resolved the issue on Wednesday.The matter had gone from bad to worse when cross FIRs were registered from both sides in the case. They are my juniors and there was a little confusion among the ABVP leaders which have been sorted now.” During protests between the MLA’s supporters and ABVP workers, Swami was also manhandled. However, senior BJP leaders intervened into the matter and resolved the issue.“We are one family.

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