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‘None of my films could be termed ‘Adoor type’’

  • ‘None of my films could be termed ‘Adoor type’’

    Summary: There is no film which can be termed ‘Adoor type’ because, with each film, I try something new. I do not make a parallel film or art house film but people stupidly associate my films with these terms. And same is the case with every other regional cinema which is lacking a sustained policy of promotion of their own cinema. You once said Parallel cinema is a misnomer, so how do you categorise such films? How do you see the present trend in Bollywood films, which still form the larger idea of ‘Indian films’?

    The recent J.C. Daniel Award for lifetime achievement is the latest in your long list of accomplishments? How do you look back at your journey? It was unexpected because every award is unexpected as you never make films for winning an award. For me, it is good that people are acknowledging those films which received minor recognition in India though they were internationally known , As Reported By Hindu.

    According to the Newspaper,In my career, I took every film as a challenge and I only make films when I feel that I have something new to say, something different from what I did before. I always advise my audience to not watch my film with the same eye with which they had seen my earlier work. Repeating myself can be so boring, so I kept away from it.


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