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  • Home to the Hill of Enlightenment

    Summary: Some of the noted bhatkars from the village are Arvind Bhatikar, Vasudev Bhatikar, Jayakrishna Bhatikar and Nilkant Bhatikar. The primary school was built in 1963, while the middle school was inaugurated in 1986. 3, etc.The origin of the village name, Bhati, is believed to have its genesis from the term bhatkar (landlord). Its festival of Maha Shivaratri is its important festival.Government Primary and Middle School (GPMS): The educational institute comprises two worn-out buildings. Kumari Vaddo also houses another Shree Malikarjun Temple of the village.Siddhanath Temple: This over-four-century-old revered place at Villian Vaddo was renovated six years ago.

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