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Fix basics, get the streetlights working

  • Fix basics, get the streetlights working
    Summary: The city is bustling with private security guards, but who does their background/security check, like verification for maids, etc? Atipriya Sarawat, 35, communications professionalThere are basement car parks across Gurgaon, in condos, malls and offices. Some measures I'd like to suggest to improve security of young women in Gurgaon would be: RWAs should take responsibilities for keeping street lights in working condition and of security. My women colleagues and I always avoid secluded roads, even if that means getting stuck in traffic jams for hours. I feel better deployment of police on roads and ensuring better lighting will help our roads become safer for women.


    GURGAON: A) Do you feel unsafe when travelling alone in Gurgaon? B) What needs to improve?TOI asked women across the city these two questions. These are the answers we got.My Family prays when I'm driving1. Dr Upasana Dahiya, AGE, medical officer, Civil Hospital, Sector 10Even when I have evening/night shifts, I need to come home at least once to feed my toddler, when I drive from Sector 9 to Palam Vihar after midnight.

    Though the distance is not much, the dark streets give me the shivers. It's a risk I take and my family is on tenterhooks till I reach home safe. Ever since the cops started patrolling on PCRs and putting up barricades on Railway road and street lights were fixed, it's become more comfortable, though I still drive at full speed.Do guards have backgroung checks?2.


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