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Two youths hacked to death in Ujjain

  • Two youths hacked to death in Ujjain

    Summary: Vivek, Sachin and Prabha were arrested. INDORE: Panic gripped Dhobi Gali on late Sunday night when two youths were hacked to death by six persons, including woman, over an old enmity.The attackers first attacked the victims with swords and then squashed their heads stones, before fleeing the spot. As Ravi and Vishal fell, they continued to unleash the blows. Jagdish had been parking the kiosk in front of Ravi's house thus blocking traffic. This had often led to fights in the past.A few days ago, Ravi and Vishal had beaten up Vivek Kushwah, a member of Jagdish's family.In a bid to exact revenge, Jagdish, Vivek, Prabha, Sachin and two minors used swords to attack the duo.

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