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Swacch Survekshan needs relook: CSE

  • Swacch Survekshan needs relook: CSE

    Summary: KOLKATA: The Swacch Survekshan Report 2017, released recently by the Ministry of Urban Development , is encouraging unsustainable approaches for waste management, according to Centre for Science and Environment (CSE). All you have to do is 'like' the Down To Earth FB page, following which you will receive a notification as soon as the conversation goes live. The methodology adopted by the ministry encourages centralised systems like landfill and waste-to-energy plants, while it should give points for decentralised segregation and recycle and reuse.CSE's analysis shows that Indore at 1st rank, is right now struggling with managing its waste. Similarly, Surat which is ranked 4th in the Survekshan results is dumping 1600 Metric Tonnes per Day (MTD) of its unsegregated garbage in a landfill, that too without processing.Cities that are working towards household-level segregation and decentralised recycling and reuse of waste have been given very poor ranking. Alappuzha, in Kerala which has a decentralised model for waste management ranks 380 and Panjim city which has adopted five point segregation ranks 90.Join CSE's waste management expert Swati Singh Sambyal and managing editor of Down to Earth Magazine Richard Mahapatra Anumita Roychowdhury as they shed more light on the issue on FaceBook (FB) Live today at 4:00 p.m. (IST).

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