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‘Musicians will come and go, but Rafi is eternal’

  • ‘Musicians will come and go, but Rafi is eternal’

    Summary: "The event aims to provide a platform to general public to have a day off from their daily routine and come together, and cherish the music of Rafi. "Arun Ozarkar, a representative of Swargandha said, "Rafi was and always will be an audience favourite. Some of the songs presented were 'Bekhudi mein sanam', 'Deewana hua Badal', 'Ehsaan tera hoga', 'Akele hain', 'Tumse accha kaun hai' and many other popular hits by the singer.Shubhangi Raylu, from Swargandha, said, " Musicians will come and go but Mohd Rafi is eternal. "The singers were Surendra Dharma, Dhanraj Raut, Sangita Bhagat, Surekha Jichkar, Jairaj Markand, Sujata Patil, Amol Kulkarni among others. Many current actors and composers have cited Rafi as their inspiration.

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