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Civic woes of Noida Sector 19, 27 residents

  • Civic woes of Noida Sector 19, 27 residents

    Summary: "The main, old drain of sector 19 which flows between blocks B and C has become a big nuisance for residents of the area. NOIDA: Noida Sector 19 RWA complained of broken main drain between B and C block in the area which they claimed was accident prone and health threat while sector 27 RWA complained of sewer line being emptied into the open drain along the boundary wall of Cambridge school leaving open stench and health hazard for children and residents in the sector. The old, rusting lintel on the drain is in a decrepit condition and can be dangerous. The situation will improve in a month's time," said Singh.As for roads, repair work is expected soon after the monsoon month is over. "We are fixing the lights in phases despite facing shortage of material in the store.

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