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Bizman jumps into Yamuna, saved by divers on banks

  • Bizman jumps into Yamuna, saved by divers on banks

    Summary: Two divers — Imran and Prakash — who were walking by the banks of the river, heard his cries and rushed to help. "The guard, Sanjay Gupta , saw the man jumping into the water and shouted for help. "He came in a hired cab to the DND after dropping off his daughter. Traffic remained stalled for around 20 minutes as the commuters stopped to look at what was happening," Bhati said.Traffic movement resumed soon after the toll staff and police cleared the way. NOIDA: A businessman, who jumped into the Yamuna a few metres ahead of the DND toll plaza on the Flyway, was rescued by two divers on Wednesday.Sanjay Arora (52), who arrived at the DND Flyway to commit suicide, was saved by two divers staying on the banks of the river after a guard of the traffic and security management at the DND saw him jumping.

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