International Cricket: The Influence That The Indian Cricket Team Have On The Sport

Cricket is a sport that is adored by people around the world during the summer months with major competitions such as the ashes drawing pack out crowds and millions of views on the television. But with the popularity of the IPL league and the Indian cricket team at this time, could this be a sign of change for the sport as we head into the latter half of 2020?

The Success Of Indian T20 Championship

Over the last few years, there have been an array of new faces in Indian Cricket that have helped to bring this league to the forefront of international cricket. With a talented team of players and superstar captain Virat Kohli leading the way, they have become a team to be reckoned with. Not only are they well known within their own leagues, but they are also one of the top teams in international cricket at this time eating that Baggy Greens 2-1 in the 2019 test season in Australia.

Following on from the success in the Indian Premier League and this test season in 2019, this is a team that is ready and waiting to get underway with a brand-new season in 2020. Obviously, we will to wait to see what happens with the current pandemic situation and how it affects all kind of sports and sports betting in India.

Tension Between Michael Clarke And Australian Team

However, with the results of the test season in 2020 former Australian Captain Michael Clarke was adamant that the star power of the Indian cricket team leads to the Australians going easy on them. When asked about this opinion on Big Sports Breakfast Radio he had this to say:

´They were too scared to sledge Kohli or sledge Indian players because they had to go and lay them in April.

´ They are bidding for these Australian players to get into their IPL teams.

This is something that many clubs are experiencing at this time as the IPL has seen a vast amount of growth over the years, but with so many clubs trying to get their players into this league, just how much of an effect will this be having on the sport as well as the results of matchups between India on an international scale.

The Influence Of The Indian Cricket Team

Not only is the IPL proving highly popular at this time, but it is also important to note that there is a vast amount of financial influence from the country when it comes to the sport. With a vast amount of funding for the sport coming from India, it is no surprise to many that they have a heavy influence on the sport.

However, when addressing the topic of the impact of the IPL on cricket as a whole, Kohli said that it had done a lot to make the game more friendly. This is because of the mutual respect that players in the league have for each other. This, therefore, is something that is being felt throughout the league and is aiding in improving respect felt on and off the field.

This is then seen as the beginning of a promising time for many as the game becomes more strategic. This is great for not only the fans of the sport but those laying in the league as they are likely to see people following rules more costly. These changes are great for the sport as there have been several accusations surrounding some of the world’s largest teams in years past that has negatively impacted the sport.

Whether you are a fan of cricket around the world or you have been monitoring the success of the IPL league closely in the last few years, there is no denying that this Indian cricket team are the sign of positive change that the sport needs at this time.