UAE Man Locks Up Indian Football Fans In Cage Before Match

"These men are my workers, one of whom I've known for 22 years. I live with my men on this farm, we eat from the same plate. I did not beat them, nor did I truly 'lock' them up,"

A video signifies a man from the UAE, locking up the supporters of the Indian football team in a birdcage before the kick-off. Apparently, it turned out to be viral, which prompted the UAE authorities to arrest several persons behind this clip.

In the clip, a man, brandishing a stick, is seen sitting and talking to several workers locked up in a birdcage. He asks them who they support between the UAE and India.

Upon replying that they support India, he tells them that's not good, they live in the UAE and should support it. After knocking on the wiring, he asks them again and they reply they support the UAE and he then lets them out of the cage.

 A statement has been released from the UAE Attorney General's office after an offensive video went viral on social media.

Meanwhile, the owner of the viral video posted another clip on YouTube, saying he had done the entire "skit" as a joke.