The Pros And Cons Of Arsenal Dropping Their Star Striker Aubameyang

Just a goal from open play this season. Is it now time for the Gunners forward to rest on the bench? Just a few months ago, thoughts of dropping Pierre – Emerick Aubameyang would have been framed as fanatical. However, as Arsenal is preparing for their Sunday night's battle against Burnley, a few suggestions are erupting, indicating it would be the best option Mikel Arteta should adhere to.

But, dropping him off right when he is struggling for scoring would be wise for Arteta? Follow some of the probable pros and cons that Arsenal could experience for legitimating this idea.

The Pros

Should the Arsenal skipper be dropped on Sunday's match, it's not like he is getting left behind on his top form.

The Arsalan skipper has scored only twice during this season of Premier League so far. He scored his first against Fulham at the first weekend of the season, his only one from open play. Another goal from him came during a penalty spot, resulted in a 1-0 win over Manchester United.

Hence, reasonably, there is an argument on leaving Aubameyang based on his scored goals. Alexandra Lacazette has already achieved more goals than 31 years old Aubameyang this season but has still been left out of several matches.

Eddie Nketiah is Arselan's this year's top goalscorer. He had scored five goals altogether and has made only one start in October when Arsenal triumphed over Sheffield united with a 2-1 score. 

Therefore, many proclaiming would be a deserved reward for the youngster if Aubameyang gets dropped, allowing him.  Considering his performance in the Europa League, many suggesting it would be a better take Arteta should go for.

Aubameyeang can also find himself out of the firing line because of the criticism he is receiving in the past few weeks, not just for the scarcity of goals but also his all-around game.

There are various surges of keystones circulating through Arsenal's stratum, affecting sports bettors' thought processes regarding Sunday's show off. But, whatever the decision will be, bettors are expecting to witness a cut-throat football match this weekend. Besides, galore of sports betting sites also set good odds for bettors to bet online.

The Cons

Currently, Aubameyang is undoubtedly the best striker Arsenal has. Hence, leaving him out in such a high profile match would certainly be a downside for the squad. 

Yes, it's also true that he is going through a severe form at present, but leaving him for the match will visibly make the Gunners a weaker side since the team is already struggling to cope up with attacking opponents.

Maybe the skipper is now struggling in dearth, but still, he has his goal tally to advocate for him.  In 96 Premier League games, the current Arsenal skipper secured 56 goals. However, he is unable to perform his natural finishing touches in recent months.

In the middle of the week, Areta pronounced, "no one is undroppable." He also attached, "At the end of the day, we have to find the right players to win football matches. But we cannot forget what Auba has done for this club and what he has done in recent months, not years ago."

However, there were more chances for Aubameyang to get dropped from the playing squad if there was a promising substitute for him, demanding his place into the firing line with credible performances. As it is certainly not the case at this moment, a portion of football lovers believe, the case for dropping Aubameyang is tangled with thinner chances.

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