Everything You Need To Know Before Getting Started With Online Slots

Online slots are one of the most popular games among players in the online casino. We have created this post to get an overview of the different slot game options and take a closer look at the online slots.

Online slots are one of the most popular games among players in the online casino. We have created this post to get an overview of the different slot game options and take a closer look at the online slots. We paid attention to which online casinos offer the slots and which casinos are best suited for playing online slot games.

We also took a closer look at the slots themselves. Above all, we paid attention to which are the most popular online casino slots. Furthermore, I also looked at the payout percentages of these slots and therefore, in this article, I will introduce you to the best slot machines online and report which ones have the highest payouts and jackpots. Have fun reading and good luck playing the best online slots machines.

Four ways to maximize your chances of winning slots!

While the slot machine chances of winning will always favor the casino, there are certainly ways to maximize your winnings and get more for your winnings! Here are some of my best pieces of advice for making the best online slots game!

1. Look out for a return to player percentages


Suppose you want to maximize your chances of winning. In that case, the Theoretical Payout Percentage, also known as Return to Player or just RTP, is exactly your thing. RTP is the opposite of the house edge - what percentage of your money the casino receives on average.

Often, slot machines have a payout percentage between 95-97%, which is actually quite low for casino games in general but is still much higher than for games like keno, lottery, or scratch cards.

Information about returning to the player of a slot machine can always be found in the game's menu. In fact, the casinos are required by law to provide this information to you!

2. Read professional reviews of online slots

It can be really confusing to strike a balance between all of the exciting new games and casinos. There are just so many ways to play! Playing should be easy and fun!

On the Internet, you can read professional reviews of slot machines with free spins. These will tell you about RTP, bonus features, volatility and everything else you should know about a slot before you start investing money in it.

Reading a professionally written review is a great way to determine ​​whether or not a slot is your thing.

3. Stick to a budget

Managing your money is an integral part of a happy and successful life, and nowhere is it as important as in gambling!

When I'm in the middle of a really exciting gaming session, it's easy to get carried away, so I have a rule of thumb that I humbly adhere to. Before I start playing, I set a fixed budget that I never exceed.

I tell myself, "Okay, I have this amount of money available; this is my chance." And when I've spent the money, I know it's time for me to stop and break up!

4. Redeem smaller prizes

Not only sticking to a gambling budget but also stopping at the big jackpot can increase your winnings and your gaming fun. If you settle for small winnings and cash out that money rather than gamble it all over again, you will find the game much more rewarding psychologically, and you will surely have a healthier bankroll as well. Remember that the longer you play, the more likely you are to lose!

Different types of slot machines online

Slot machines not only differ according to the theme but also, the payout percentages are different everywhere. There are also differences in the number of reels, rows and paylines.

However, the biggest difference can be seen in the type of slot machine, whether it is a classic slot machine, a video slot or a 3D slot machine. Here are the main three differences.

3-reel slot machines

Three-reel slot machines are the classic slot machines that have been known for decades from gaming libraries, pubs and casinos. And these machines all have one thing in common: they consist of 3 rows on 3 reels. These slot machines were once the only ones that existed because only after developing online casinos, slot machines with 5 reels came on the market. Since then, a lot has happened to slot machines online.

5-reel slots

The most fundamental difference to the 3-reel slots lies in the number of reels. The 5-reel slot, which only came onto the market with the InternetInternet's development, is not only equipped with 3 but directly with 5 reels.

The 3 rows stayed that way for the time being. This development made it possible to bring more symbols into the game and, of course, other winning combinations.

Video slots

The modern video slots also came into play with the invention of the Internet. At first, the video slot machines were still equipped with 5 reels. Nowadays, there are also video slot machines with more than 5 reels.

With the invention of video slot machines, it was possible to give the slot games more design. That means it was possible to give the game a certain theme and to have this theme reflected in the design.

3D slot machines

The 3D slots brought even more graphic design options. With the 3D slots' invention, it was possible to integrate even more realistic designs and functions into the slot machines. The name 3D Slots already indicates the difference to the classic slots because these are equipped with three-dimensional graphics, not only the background but also the symbols.

In some of these slot machines, the winning symbols even meet you, so at least it seems like they do. Most of the top casinos sites offer these 3D versions so that they can cover the expectations of even the pickiest players and be ahead of their competitors in terms of tech inovations.

Progressive slots machine games

Progressive slots machine games are also among the innovations of the 20th century. These can be classic 5 reel slots, modern video slots or even 3D slot machines. The difference with these slots lies in the fact that this slot has an integrated jackpot. However, this jackpot slot is not a fixed jackpot in which the jackpot amount to be always won the same but a very variable jackpot.

There is a minimum amount,  but this increases with every game that the players play on this slot and that until the jackpot has been hit. Then the jackpot slot goes back down to the minimum amount and starts increasing again. Nowadays, these online slots are some of the best online slots machines for gamers.

Mobile slots

Mobile slots have become indispensable nowadays. As the name suggests, the slot mobile has been optimized for mobile use. This means that the games have also been reprogrammed to be played with smartphones and tablets' small screens. In the early days, players had to download an app onto their cell phones for this.

Nowadays, technology is so advanced that entire websites can be created for mobile use. Therefore, apps are no longer absolutely necessary for the download.

Slot features

Nowadays, the online slots are equipped with many different features, whether they are symbols with a special meaning or symbol that can trigger slots free spins round with a certain number of slots with bonuses and free spins.

All of them have their own specific effects on the game and the enjoyment of the players. I will show you the differences between the individual features in the following process.


Wild symbols play a special role in the formation of winning combinations.

Because a wild symbol can replace almost all other symbols and thus form winning combinations that would otherwise not have brought a profit, Scatter, slots with bonus and free spins symbols are the only symbols that a wild symbol cannot replace. Playing with wild symbols increases the chance for the player to receive a winning combination.


Scatter symbols are the most popular symbols of the players because these symbols do not have to appear in a payline like all other symbols, but simply somewhere on the reels.

For this, it is not enough if only one symbol appears because a certain number of scatter symbols must always appear, usually at least 3. When these symbols appear you trigger a bonus round with, for example, a certain number of free spins. Most winnings are to be received during this bonus round. 

Free Spins Rounds

The free spins rounds do not mean the free spins that casinos like to award as bonuses, but the free spins that players can receive while playing themselves. These are the free spins that every player looks forward to when playing the online slots machines real money with free spins features.

These free spins are usually awarded to players when at least 3  scatter or free spins symbols appear on the reels. In the free spins round, players can get even higher winnings, as the slot machines pay out most of the payouts during the free spins rounds. 

Bonus rounds

Bonus rounds are very different depending on the slot, so some slots are equipped with bonus slot games and other slots with gamble features. 

Here both features are broken down a bit:

  • Bonus games

Bonus games are a separate game that has been integrated into the slot. For example, a window opens with treasure chests, from which the players must select which ones to receive further prizes.

  • Gamble feature

A gamble feature is usually activated when you win. The players can gamble for the profit. If you win gambling, the previous profit is doubled, for example. This is mostly played with cards where the players have to guess whether the next card will be red or black. 


Every player loves multipliers on slot machines as they increase the players' profits. Multipliers appear less often in the main game, but more often in the bonus or free game rounds. A multiplier can double, triple, tenfold or even more winnings for players.

So it is possible to make big profits even with small stakes. The most famous slot with a multiplier is the slot machine Lucky  Lady's  Charm from  Novoline. This slot really made the multiplier public. Nowadays, there are far more online slots machines with the multiplier.

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