Find your Startup Inspiration and Chalo Startup
  • Tuesday | 6th February, 2018

The second episode of the “Chalo Startup” delves into the creative space of that one idea entrepreneurs are looking for. And surprisingly without any surprises, you’d realize that your startup idea could be lying just beside waiting to be discovered.

Looking for the right co-founder, for your startup? `Chalo Startup` explains how
  • Tuesday | 6th February, 2018

Coming up with that one amazing idea, that you plan to do marvel at the gen is rare. But what’s even rarer is to find that another being that matches the same passion as yours and imbibes the idea similarly. That being is popularly called ‘the co-founder’.

Are you a budding entrepreneur? ‘Chalo StartUp’ is your secret route to success
  • Saturday | 9th December, 2017

Coming past these initial fears is possible only when tutored by an expert.