A perfect DEAL for your midnight cravings!

A good news for all the foodies around. To satiate your midnight cravings, you can order your favourite pizza even if it`s three in the morning.

Gone are days when your mother fed you at nine and you slept at 10. Over the years the pattern of living has changed and so the food habits. The office schedule has made us sleep at six in the morning and eat at three. But what do we do about those midnight hunger strikes? When in the silence of the nights your rumbling stomach echoes.

The stressful routine of the day has churned up all the energy and now you certainly do not have the patience nor temper to prepare something worth eating. You’re hungry like a whale and lazy like a sloth but, your taste buds crave for something good, spicy, cheesy or sweet.

Where do we go to suffice it? Well, to your phone. Large number of app and restaurants have come up that take special midnight delivery orders.  Now you can munch your favourite pizza, bread sticks or brownies even if its three in the morning.

In fact, the leading pizza companies are venturing into this too. The thought behind, to start mid-night food services, is to attend the large group of people who have late shifts at their workplace and for those party cravers who are left with no food for the after-party. 

Isn’t it a good break-through for the all the foodies? A new reason to have a large bite of your favourite food in the blacks of the night when the world sleeps, but you wake to satiate your midnight Italian cravings. With apps like Dominos, Zomato, NiteBites, Food Panda and  Swiggy , not only pizzas and burgers you can have your delicious Rajma-Chawal, Paneer-Naan or Mutton Biryani at your doorstep 24X7.

Share with us your experience of midnight cravings!

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