Choosing your VoIP Services

It is important to analyze your calling needs before committing to a VoIP service. Self-employed individuals have different requirements than large businesses. Most services have unlimited calling within the United States.

If you have employees that travel or work globally, however, you may need extra toll-free minutes. An unlimited plan may also work well if your employees have frequent conference calls. Smaller subscription plans may limit the number of people that can join these calls. Your plan choice may depend on the number of employees, geographic location of your employees, and the devices you want to use.

Calling Frequency

It is common to find a plan with unlimited calls within the United States. If your company works with team members in another country, however, you must consider the extra calling expenses. Choose a plan that offers a generous amount of toll-free minutes if you have global employees. If you have specific needs, talk to a representative about a custom VoIP plan. Many companies can tailor calling services to fit specific demands. Check Nextiva reviews to find out more about satisfied VoIP customers.

Location of Employees

The location of your employees can affect the quality of communication. It is important to consider the features you need to keep company projects running smoothly. If you have employees working from various locations, you may need unlimited conference calling ability. This allows you to invite as many people as you want to your conference calls. A larger number of toll-free calling minutes must remain on your plan if you have employees in other countries, as well.


Many people prefer to have a separate phone for business use. If your employees need business phones, look for a VoIP service that offers phone rentals. It is important to also consider the location of your employees when choosing devices. If you have a small business and everyone works at the office most of the time, you may need VoIP on minimal devices. The ability to work from anywhere on multiple devices, however, is a big asset when team members want to work remotely.

Group Size

A basic VoIP plan may allow about 4 people to enter a group call. This works well for individuals that have minimal contact with team members or clients. Big companies, however, often have teams that work on group projects. Large businesses should consider an unlimited plan for conference calls. Many companies also maintain office experience with routine group meetings. You may also benefit from video calls and screen sharing. Many people prefer to see people’s faces when working together.

Visit a VoIP website and read through the different plans. You can refer to the FAQ section or live-chat with a representative if you have questions. Think about the size of your company and daily tasks before you make a decision. Small businesses may only use conference calls occasionally, while large companies may set up weekly or daily meetings. With the right VoIP service, you can keep your employees organized and improve communication.


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