WWE: 5 facts about the Elimination Chamber

It will certainly provide for some exciting moments throughout, as the women continue to set new standards in the ring.

The WWE’s Raw brand will present the Elimination Chamber on Sunday 25th of February. Viewers will witness two chamber matches in the upcoming event. One is to determine who will walk away with Brock Lesnar’s WWE Universal championship. The other is the first ever women’s division match in the Elimination Chamber. There have been a number of changes of the chamber and its rules since its start.

Here are the five facts you need to know about WWE’s Elimination Chamber.

5. The event was created to combine different matches to provide more exciting moment


4. It was initially brand exclusive pay per view, but it didn’t remain the same


3. Severe injuries were suffered by many wrestlers in the chamber or event


2. The event has had several incarnations in the frames of the chamber


1. Rules have evolved over the time and are never the same in the Elimination Chamber