Your quick guide to Cricket Premier SRL

Cricket is undeniably one of the most popular sports we have today. With the impressive flow of the game, millions of people were drawn to it and how the matches unfold every time. Many countries have their national teams and millions of fans show their support whenever a match comes up.

Millions of people love showing support for their favourite teams and athletes every time a match comes up on any format of the game. Aside from watching the games, there are also lots of people who love betting on cricket to see which team will win. More often than not, cricket matches fall under major league events.

When the pandemic came in 2020, sports events had to be cancelled or postponed and there was a lack of cricket news because of this. This made a lot of fans disappointed. With the help of technology, fans were allowed to place bets for cricket matches that are only virtually held. This is known as a simulated reality league or SRL.

Now that live matches are back, there are still SRL matches players can bet on. Many online bookmakers upload the SRL livescore of every match so that bettors can have a reference for their bets. One of the most popular virtual matches people love is Cricket Premier SRL. Here are some facts about it.

What is Cricket Premier SRL?

An SRL is a sporting event that is purely made of computer imaging that simulates real-time sporting events. With these, fans can watch and bet on SRL matches that are as thrilling as actual games.

SRL is highly popular among sports fans as it prompts real information into their systems. Their special technology also collects data from the past 500 games. Among the pieces of information that are collected include the vital statistics and the performances of the players.

SRL events also simulate the climate of the venue where virtual matches are played. The gathered information from the players and teams will then be considered to make the odds more realistic. To make it even more interesting, the matches that are held for about 60 to 90 minutes happen in real-time.

Popular leagues that are featured in Cricket Premier SRLs

Cricket Premier SRL events are based on real sports leagues as well. With that, here is a closer look at two cricket leagues that are usually featured in this type of match.

India’s Premier League

India’s Premier League is the most popular sports league in the country. This league organized by the Indian BCC is also known as one of the largest revenue-generating events in the sports industry. With its popularity, it was also known as the most-attended cricket league in the world.

Eight teams representing different Indian cities compete in matches held between March and May.        

Big Bash League

The Big Bash League is a professional T20 Australian cricket league that is also popular in the country. This was established in 2011 as a replacement for the KFC Twenty20 Big Bash competition which used to be the major cricket event in the country.

This league is also known as one of the most broadcasted cricket events in the world. Similar to the aforementioned league, this also comprises eight competing teams that represent Australia’s different states. The matches here are held between December and February, so stay tuned to the latest cricket news on this league.

With Cricket Premier SRL, fans can enjoy the same thrill even if the actual players may be busy with other matches in real life. If you are planning to watch or bet on some SRL matches, we highly suggest checking your preferred online sportsbooks and refer to the SRL livescore every time a match comes up.

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