Mastering the Art of Fantasy Cricket: Tips and Strategies for Winning Big


Fantasy cricket gives you the opportunity to take your love for cricket online and showcase your cricket skills and knowledge to millions of people. It has gained immense popularity in India as cricket is not just a game but an emotion in the country. When participating in online fantasy cricket leagues, the player who has created their own fantasy team is highly invested in every action taking place on the field. From their team scoring to their players struggling on the field, everything deeply impacts the users who selected their dream teams.

Online cricket games have exploded in popularity, with more and more people boosting their cricket knowledge and sharpening their skills on their mobile phones by creating fantasy teams.

Importance of Having a Good Strategy for Winning

Right strategy and planning are the first steps toward the road to winning, especially in things where you invest your money. Whether you are investing in real life or investing in fantasy games, a strategy is of utmost importance. A good strategy offers a greater sense of direction and helps players to make right selections. Having a good strategy, like which players to select for which format, can help you win big and achieve your goals.

Tips for Creating a Winning Fantasy Cricket Team

1.1 Understanding the Game

To have the best players in your team, it is important to first comprehend the game, understand the rules of fantasy cricket, and memorize the scoring system. In simple words, it is an online cricket game in which a virtual cricket team consisting of real cricket players is selected, and points are scored based on how the selected players perform in real life matches. To win matches, a fair amount of understanding of the game is necessary because fantasy cricket is not a game of chance that anyone can win based on their luck but a game of skill, and without proper understanding of the game, it will be difficult for the players to win.

1.2 Research and Analysis

Before paying an entry fee for a fantasy cricket match and selecting players for the match, it is best to research and analyze each player you plan to select. Analyze their past performances, their form in the previous matches, and how they have scored and performed in previous matches. When players are declared, keep a close eye on players' injuries, if any, and make sure to exclude them from your fantasy team before the match begins. Along with analyzing the player’s performance, it is also important to analyze the pitch conditions, weather conditions, and other environmental factors. 

1.3 Strategy for Player Selection

When selecting players, make sure to select them as per different categories. There should be a mix of top batters, strike bowlers and all-rounders. A top-order batsman may get the most overs to play irrespective of the format, thereby increasing the probability of scoring points. Next, picking the bowlers can be a tricky deal. Because mostly the focus is mainly on batters only. The secret is that bowlers can also help you in winning fantasy league contests. So pick bowlers who have the potential to take multiple wickets because the number of points for taking wickets is high.

Part 2: Winning Strategies for Fantasy Cricket

2.1 Batting Strategies

Top batters will always be the ones who will get the most opportunity to score points in batting. Top batters increase your chances of winning in all formats. But it is necessary to analyze which player would be best for which format. For instance, if it's a shorter format, for say, T10 or T20, it is better to pick a middle-order batter over a lower-order batter because lower-order batters do not often get an opportunity to bat in shorter formats. While on the other hand, a top batsman will always get an opportunity to play, so when selecting a player for a fantasy team, select the top player from both teams as part of your fantasy team.

2.2 Bowling Strategies

Select the bowlers based on the pitch conditions, as not every pitch is best for batters or bowlers. Every pitch will vary based on environmental conditions, therefore analyzing the best pitch for bowling comes with proper research and with experience. For instance, if the pitch is on the slower side, choose spinners or slow bowlers in the team, as they will turn out to be profitable.

2.3 Captaincy Strategies

Choosing a captain and a vice captain is the most crucial step in fantasy cricket. The captain gets 2x points and the vice captain, on the other hand, gets 1.5x points for their performance. So selecting the right captain and vice captain is of utmost importance as they can help you increase your points, thereby increasing your probability of winning.


Make sure you select only those players who are going to play in the match. It is not necessary to select only those players who belong to your home country, but you can select any player from either team, provided he/she is playing the match on that particular day. So prioritize choosing players based on their recent form, the scores they have made, and which player is best suited for the particular pitch. Make your decisions wisely and create the best team possible. You can create multiple teams for the same match and fantasy contest and increase your chances of winning. So wait no more – select your dream team today.



**This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk


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