Liverpool legend Souness: Neymar not close to Messi, Ronaldo class

Liverpool legend Graeme Souness has questioned the hype around PSG star Neymar. Souness believes Neymar is being found out at the World Cup as he battles to make an impact with Brazil. "I think he's yet to come alive," Souness said at the launch of TV3's fall schedule. "For them (Brazil) to win the World Cup, he has to get in the air and get into the air quickly. I've been saying to the last seven or eight years. We've had two of the greatest players that have ever kicked a ball in the last decade, in Messi and Ronaldo. We should enjoy them, because they'll be gone very soon and there's no heir to that throne. People talk about Neymar being heir to that throne. I don't see that. "I've seen it in glimpses but not in a consistent way both those two, Ronaldo and Messi, have shown us. I think he has it all to do to take over that mantle. Messi in my opinion is the greatest ever, not because he's talented. No, it's everything. Athleticism, their attitude to disappointment, how they deal with that, how they deal with getting physically abused, because they've had that all their careers and they deal with it. That's why there are big question marks over Neymar if he thinks he's going to take that mantle over."

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