Fifa World Cup 2018 – A Case of Missing Stars


This fifa world cup has all been about unthinkable moments. Germany, Spain, Argentina, Portugal are all out of the World Cup. Netherlands and Italy failed to qualify for the tournament all together.

This tournament has been one of the best so far as to showcase that countries from all over the world have become extremely better , so much so that that they have beaten theur better known counterparts.

Spain lost to Russia not because they played bad football, infact they had 79% possession but could only score one goal that too a Russian own goal. They got beaten on penalty shoot outs, and with that loss the curtain has been drawn on some of the best players that have helped spain become one of the most dominating teams in the past decade. Andres Iniesta, Sergio Busquets, Gerard Pique and Sergio Ramos will all be much over the sacred 30’s by the next world cup. Iniesta has already announced his retirement and many other might follow.

Germany which has seen some of the best players across the world seemed like a team lost without direction and purpose. Several young players were given a miss while their established and experienced fellow countrymen were played games without the guile so well known of the Germans. Ozil ,Nueur , khedira, Mueller were all targets of the backlash from fans and pundits alike.

Messi and Ronaldo also exited the world cup with much debate about GOAT’s ( Greatest Players Of All time ) without having won the world cup. It seems likely that Messi will bid adieu to the international team for good, while Ronaldo might just be too old to try to win the world cup with Portugal.

We read somewhere and loved the comparison this World Cup seems like a avengers movie without Iron Man, Captain America or Thor. France, Brazil, England have again qualified for the last 8 and will be playing against the likes of Luka Modric inspired Croatia, host’s Russia.

There is plenty of exciting matches left to be played this world cup but many players from the most well known teams might just find themselves watching the finals from the comfort of their bedrooms.

The World cup so far :

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